“Astrology perspective for the new society”

. getting ready for ascension

. the new human kind

. 4 years to 2012

Neptune entered Aquarius in 11/27/98

Neptune will enter Pisces in 2/3/2012

Neptune: spiruallity

Quiron entered Aquarius in 11/15/2005

Quiron will enter Pisces in 1/26/2011

Quiron: healing

Jupiter entered in Aquarius 1/5/2009

Jupiter will enter Pisces in 1/8/2010

Jupiter: ideology, faith

Pluto entered Capricorn in 11/27/2008

Pluto: power

Uranus entered Pisces in 12/30/2003

Uranus will enter Aries in 3/13/2011

Uranus: innovation

Saturn entered Virgo in 9/2/2007

Saturn will enter Libra in 7/21/2010

Saturn: establishment, karma

Beliefs, concepts, faith, ideology, suffering a healing process that leads human kind to integrity.

Life forms from outer space make close contact and we recover our real origin. We recover from our lack of spiruallity.

The new religion.

Old fashion structures will fall.

Transmutation of collective karma gives birth to a new identity and a new power.

Chackra healing for the earth and for us.


As our solar system gets closer to its alignment with Alcion, a gigantic Sun from pleyades, solar activity is increasing and information comes to earth faster. Our mind will burn and our consciousness will shine expanding our spirit.

Global warming can not be stopped from earth… if only the planet had its ozone cover! It can be reconstructed by our cosmic beings, though. Let’s look at the sky, it’s so beautiful, it’s so magic seeing their lights moving and flashing at night!

New era

New organizations

New values

New establishment

New relationships